These are two statistics that shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point:

  • In 2015, people spent an average of two hours per day on mobile, or 33% of their total internet time.
  • With Apple’s release of iOS9, it’s possible to enable ad blocking on Apple’s mobile devices.

As Apple and Android are mirror images of themselves anymore, expect the latter to deploy similar technology any time, now.

Android vs Apple

A quickly-rising issue, then, is how to effectively reach these people with your marketing message.

The solution is to use a form of communication that’s as old as the most ancient civilization: Tell a story.

A recent NewsCred study found that, with millennials alone — the heaviest users of mobile — 64% said they respond more positively to brand messages that are tailored to their cultural interests, such as music, movies, and sports.

What’s more, 62% have the same feeling about messages that help them solve their unique everyday problems.

If you’ve done your research and chosen a product line and/or niche with which you are well-versed and that you use yourself, then you should easily be one with your customers, who will be more than interested in what you have to say.

Done right, every page of a website or a blog is a vessel of opportunity for you to connect with your target market. And the way you tap into that market effectively is to incorporate a landing page into the proceedings.

Numerous programs are available to build landing pages, and many offer free options and/or trial periods that are newbie-friendly.

One of the best is LaunchEffect, a WordPress-themed template that is not only mobile-responsive and easy to use, it includes Google Analytics.

A do-it-yourself landing page combined with a do-it-yourself website provides you with a quality web presence that allows you to portray yourself as an authority figure while getting to know your customers.

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