So here it is. You’ve made the decision to turn the page and are saying all the things you want to do to better yourself.

Like maybe finally making a go of striking out on your own and becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Be ready to brace yourself for what you’re probably going to hear from a few of your more jaded friends and/or associates.

You’ve got to be ready to steel yourself away from other peoples’ low-bar reality, which is easier said than done.

But you need to know the odds of success in an endeavor like this, too. Let’s look at it optimistically:

  • 90% merely become Wantrepreneurs, wasting their time and money on the chase, and
  • 10% keep right on going until they achieve the Dot Com lifestyle.

Those who succeed strike a mindset that comes razor-thin close to copping an attitude.

Frankly, it’s not a bad idea. Just treat it like a loaded gun. An attitude can defend you from the perils of distraction and discouragement, but it can destroy you if you cross the line by becoming an arrogant, condescending jerk.

Even a newbie can develop the sort of attitude it takes to not only survive the early stages of entrepreneurship, but excel in them.

The key is to define yourself and hold yourself accountable to abide by it.

You know you need to create a plan and develop your targeted customers’ personas, because if you don’t, it’s odds-on your focus won’t be sharp enough. That will lead to less effective keywords and ultimately wasted time and money.

While you’re doing that, develop your business environment:

Clearly, anyone can be who they want to be in cyberspace.

But copping an attitude isn’t about being someone you’re not.

It’s just the opposite.

Consider it as your mental bodyguard for your knowledge and authority:

  • You’ll not be fazed by the trollingest of trolls;
  • You’ll not succumb to the purveyors of shiny objects;
  • You’ll draw the line with unreasonable customers; and
  • You’ll laugh off attempts at flame wars by unscrupulous competitors.

There may even be times when you’ll wonder if there really is such a thing as a dumb question, but you’ll answer on your terms and not theirs.

The key is to be firm rather than antagonistic.

Here’s an example of our attitude at The Daily Player, our snarky sports site, where we realize strong revenue at our Fanorama online store:

fanorama blog text***

Now really, who’s gonna cause hassles with a fun-lovin’ buncha dudes living it up in the low-rent district?

And if anyone ever tries, we’ll just out-happy them. Game. Set. Match.

Our attitude is more cordial at Better Life Focus, of course. It’s a site for motivated marketers, and we’ve got as much time as our associates and customers need.

We simply ask that they respect our time, too. If not, we have no problem being firm. In the Dot Com lifestyle, nothing is more valuable than time.

And that’s why we all choose to accept the challenge of being an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Developing and deploying the right attitude will help us be successful. Just remember that it’s a mindset for us to rise above whatever obstacles and frustrations we might encounter.

The rest of the world doesn’t need to know the trials and tribs we each endured to get to where we want to be.

They simply understand when they deal with any of us, they’ve got a useful resource who can offer solutions to their wants and needs.

And that’s a winning attitude.

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