A hard fact of business life — whether in the hard world or in cyberspace — is that the quickest means of attracting traffic is paid advertising.

As soon as you can work it into your budget, it’s something you have to do.

However, you don’t need to make crazy spends to get the show on the road. Let the buying cycle be your guide.

buying cycle

Focus on the first stage: brand awareness.

To do this, you want to zero in on details, as opposed to general impressions. It starts with realizing what a brand actually is and why it’s the linchpin to your commercial success.

The quickest and most effective brand impressions are visual.

With this in mind, here’s a simple technique to stretch your paid advertising budget for promoting brand awareness:

Create a negative call to action.

By inference, a call to action implies that you want a prospect to click on your ad and be taken to your patch of cyberspace, whether it’s a landing page, blog, or website.

Of course, you’re paying every time someone clicks through. That can run up a healthy tab when you’re simply trying to establish your brand. Most prospects will want to get to know and trust you before they make any purchases.

And that’s the point of a negative call to action:

You don’t want them to click through.

You simply want to display your brand on banners at sites where your target market visits. This begins the process of familiarizing them with your brand.

This is also the beauty of a Pay Per Click (PPC) negative ad campaign on platforms such as the Google Display Network.

With a negative call to action, you’re utilizing a powerful dissemination platform to provide you with free advertising.

If the prospects don’t click on it, you don’t pay!

However, they can’t help but notice your brand’s presence, which is your objective. You’re introducing yourself and/or your business to your market.

Just create a simple banner containing your logo and/or slogan only. No buttons. Like this:

Conquer Foreclosure

Yes, you’ll get a few hits, but you’ll receive significantly more impressions.

Then, further along the buying cycle when it’s time to actually do business, you’ll have set the stage:

  • If your targeted prospects notice your brand elsewhere in cyberspace where your research shows they frequent, and
  • An ad campaign on that platform can be more to your financial liking, then
  • It’ll be in the back of their mind that they already know you when they see your message.

Now, they’ll be ready to pay attention.

The rest is up to you.

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