One of the greatest benefits of the Dot Com lifestyle is having the time and resources to enrich your life.

When your office is your laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone and you’ve followed our three-stage mantra to build a successful online business, making the most of what the world has to offer becomes virtually second nature.


If you’re into blending exercise with your enjoyment, a new experience in Switzerland is something to consider for your to-do list.

Completed in August 2017, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge in the Swiss Alps has shaved four hours off the Europaweg hiking trail. Do know it’s still a two-day trek, but the pristine scenery makes this time well spent.


This steel bridge is around a mile above sea level with views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps.

It takes 10 minutes to cross if you’re on a mission, but as spectacular as these sights are, if you’re going to pick a section of the Europaweg to simply stroll, this is the place.

As with every bridge built since the infamous first Tacoma Narrows collapse in the Pacific Northwest, engineers have taken precautions to ensure the structures are capable of withstanding strong winds.

After all, this dynamic footage of that 1940 left a rather lasting impression:

How that driver couldn’t leave a door open and shoo the dog out is unbelievable. How 35mph winds could cause so much damage is incredible.

The new bridge was completed in 1950 and accommodates thousands of vehicles traveling across the South Puget Sound each day.

Technology for the Swiss bridge is nearly seven decades farther along. It’s steadied by hydraulic springs that regulate tension and prevent it from swinging.


So the bridge is safe.

Anyone who’s experienced Swiss construction — from watches to tunnels through mountains — will confirm it.

Randa is conveniently accessed via train or vehicle. It’s 91km from Lugano and 128km from Geneva. And of course, Swiss trains always run on time and offer excellent service.


Those who live the Dot Com lifestyle don’t have bucket lists. Why wait until the golden years to embark upon memorable journeys like this?

Make that commitment to become the master of your own fate and take action now.

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