No less than the Harvard Political Review has attested to both the reach and timbre of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Satire with substance can often be the best form of sobriety.

Here’s a segment that should hit home for literally billions of us:


That’s right. The real drug epidemic is a dependency on synthesized substances. Is it any wonder why more and more of us are looking to logical natural remedies that are based on solid science?

I’m a hockey defenseman, and trust me, bumps and bruises are a part of the game. As an athlete, I take anything involving my body very seriously, so when I was introduced to Power Strips as an all-natural pain relief product that’s listed with the United States Food & Drug Administration as a Class 1 Medical Device, I was keenly interested.

I immediately began to do my homework. I saw Power Strips were developed and patented by a South Korean medical researcher who introduced them to the USA in 2012. They earned their FDA listing in 2013.

Their natural ingredients all made sense:

  • Korean red ginseng … an ancient and effective remedial herb
  • A proprietary blend of marine phytoplankton … modern biologists have been amazed at the recuperative powers they’ve discovered in these organisms
  • Germanium … a natural attractor of heat
  • Ionic silver … a natural anti-bacterial agent
  • A water-soluble adhesive … comfortable and easy on the skin

Duly impressed, I tried Power Strips. As it turned out, over and over.

What else can I say? I’m a believer.

As a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, I only promote products I use myself. Power Strips are a no-brainer! And frankly, they sell themselves! All I usually need to do is offer a free sample.

If you’d like to try one, simply click here and let me know.

Power Strips are only available through distributorships, and yes, they’re a high-quality network marketing product.

More importantly, if you know any of the 1.5billion people globally who suffer from chronic pain and believe their only solace is to overpay the likes of Big Pharma for who-knows-what, please have them ask me for a free Power Strip sample.

They need to discover there is a down-to-earth remedy that works!

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