It’s beyond dispute that proper rest is a fundamental element of your 24-hour health cycle.

Whether you’re pursuing or already enjoying the Dot Com lifestyle, it’s essential that you operate at peak performance during your waking hours.

And now, thanks to the Internet of Things, you’ve got a powerful product that will make this as simple as a couple of settings:

Marketed as Eight and expanded to offer a full smart mattress as well, this is a well-pedigreed product line, arising from the elite StartX accelerator program at Stanford University and crowdfunded at IndieGoGo to the point that it was oversubscribed by an incredible 1103%.

One reason why Luna was so popular right out of the concept stage is it tracks your sleep patterns without wearing any burdensome gadget to bed.

It learns your tendencies to manage the temperature of your bed and communicate with smart home devices to provide you with comfort, convenience, and security while you sleep.

As well, it continues to adjust your bed temperature with the option to have a different temperature on each side of the bed while you sleep, so both you and your partner can set your own preferences.

Eight Sleep Luna

To help you wake up, it can detect your lightest point of sleep to set your smartphone alarm to go off at just the right time, without leaving you feeling groggy.

Both the cover and the mattress measure:

  • Sleep Phases,
  • Heart Rate, and
  • Breathing Rate.

No wonder its crowdfunding presentation drew so much attention:

Both the cover and mattress come in sizes that range from Full to California King.

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