In this Information Age — and the 21st century certainly is that — it’s a dogfight to attract potential customers to your particular piece of cyberspace.

So much content is being posted out there with so little time for anyone to absorb even the material that interests them, it’s turned the proverbial adage about not judging a book by its cover on its head.

The result is a vital component of the marketing process becomes even more important. It’s the singularly most disciplined writing out there:

Composing a headline.

Dude alluded to an interesting example in that presentation.

Gawker was definitely state-of-the art when it came to headlines, but its content ultimately wandered too far from the fact that a lawsuit closed it down.

This touches on the annoying practice of generating clickbait.

Facebook has responded on behalf of its readership and taken action. It now vows to bury what it has determined to be clickbait’s two categories:

  • Headlines that withhold information required to understand the context of an article, and
  • Headlines that exaggerate the article and create misleading expectations.

Why annoy readers that way? Stick to the classics:

Neil Patel is just possibly the Internet’s most successful blogger.

He abides by the four U’s to grab a reader’s attention. Headlines should be:

  • Unique,
  • Ultra-specific,
  • Urgent, and
  • Useful

Focus on the ultra-specific. That’s what.

Instead of writing headlines that attract as broad an audience as possible, we should be writing headlines that filter out everyone but our target audience before they click through to read the article.

  • By discouraging non-interested readers from arriving at our site in the first place, we’ll save on our media and distribution spend; more importantly,
  • Our overall engagement and conversion metrics will go up, and that’s the key data upon which we need to focus to confirm our content is generating effective revenues.

After all, that’s what we did when we chose a marketing niche, wasn’t it?

Staying with the plan is a wonderful thing.

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