Marketing is all about encouraging people to take action.

Quite often, your visitors will come across your landing page before they get to your actual site where the sales occur. Your presentation at that point is going to comprise your call-to-action (CTA).

Any number of elements can help you make your case, but the most important of them will be your copy.

Here’s a useful checklist to writing a compelling CTA:

  • Have one objective, and get to the point
    • Make a short, no-obligation statement, eg- Check it out
    • Tell the reader what to do next, eg- Click here
    • Encourage the reader to act now, eg- Limited offer
  • Be laser-accurate with your choice of words
    • Make sure they convey positivity and opposed to submission
    • Make them relevant to the solution you’re offering to their problem
    • Make them convey that value will be gained as a result of their action
  • Connect as a credible source
    • Use your CTA as a bonding opportunity
    • Focus on your customer’s needs, not your authority
    • Show a knowledge of your niche
  • Word economy is essential
    • Your text should be 150 words or less; ideally, much less
    • Your keywords should be prominent
    • The spacing should be pleasing to the eye
  • The tone should be casual
    • Speak in the language of your target market, eg- sports terms
    • Unless you’re in an engineering niche, tech jargon is a turn-off
    • You’re having a conversation, not writing an essay

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll find many high-level products will provide you with tried-&-true CTAs.

No matter what, though, if you follow these tips, you’ll become quite proficient in creating them yourself.

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