Credibility is huge in anything we all say and do.

And it’s essential when we’re considering how to look after our health.

There are all sorts of claims, testimonials, and studies tossed about for products that are being promoted to maintain or improve our well being.

So how do we tell what’s valid and what’s wanting; that is, what works and what’s snake oil?

As an athlete whose body is his temple, here’s what I do:

  • I look for products with all-natural ingredients;
  • I look for a logical and straightforward presentation, ie- no ‘secret’ doctors, cures, or ingredients; and
  • I look for peer-reviewed documentation.

On that last point, if a product is supposed to do what’s being claimed, then others qualified in that field should be able to back it up with published research. It’s the way all health and wellness products should be evaluated.

peer review

Not only do I pay close attention to peer review, I go one step further and check out the peer’s credentials.

Sometimes, the results are appalling. It’s not uncommon to find a peer’s research organization being sponsored by the company that benefits by selling it! As if they’re going to conclude anything that won’t help sales!

Here’s what I consider to be an excellent presentation: it’s from BioTrust for a supplement that reduces belly fat naturally.

  • The presenter can be referenced; for example, his page on LinkedIn is transparent and has solid endorsements.
  • The presentation explains why the supplement reduces belly fat.
  • Best of all, key claims are annotated in the text, with thorough and properly formatted footnotes below the presentation that cite the peer-reviewed studies.

BioTrust Belly Trim

Feel free to do what I did, which is take the next step and verify that the research organization is an independent reviewer.

After completing this entire process, I’m confident in this supplement’s ability to reduce belly fat naturally.

So, if you or someone you know wants to trim down responsibly, please check the BioTrust presentation here, look for the details I’ve listed, make an informed decision, and take action.

Your good health is worth the time and effort.

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