It’s only natural to point prospects to your e-commerce enterprise via the various avenues of cyberspace.

However, the key is to be efficient in doing so.

After all, attaining the Dot Com lifestyle involves working smart, not hard. It’s how you increase the amount of time each day to do whatever it is you want.


It’s not enough to distribute posts on social media, then. It’s knowing how and when to reach as many viewers as possible.

Thus, if you pay attention to the times when your followers are active on social media, you’ll increase web traffic and the number of shares you’ll receive.

You also want to know the optimum frequency of your postings. That’ll take a bit of research, but this Infographic offers a few basic guidelines and the reasoning behind them:

You’ll be even more organized in your content campaign if you deploy a scheduler for your postings:

Buffer offers a free plan, while HootSuite extends a free 30-day trial period. Each has its pros and cons.

Tweetdeck, of course, is limited to only that platform. It’s a beneficial tool and the price is right — it’s free — but if you’re managing more than just Twitter, compare it to HootSuite, for example, and decide if its extras make a difference as they pertain to your overall marketing strategy.

If you’re well down the road on your way to the Dot Com lifestyle, then the latest tool from Coschedule could be for you.

It contains an option that will automatically determine the best posting times for you.

Coschedule’s most basic package goes for $60 per month, but if you’re already generating revenues, the extra $2 a day this service costs could be well worth it in terms of efficiency.

And nothing beats efficiency for returning more of your time to you, which is what the Dot Com lifestyle is all about.

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