Well, it’s here:

Among other things, this means that Nexus is no more.

This is the flagship for a host of new but long-awaited products Google has introduced to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Echo and Dot as well as Samsung’s VR headset.

Those would be Google Home and the Daydream. Then, there’s the Chromecast Ultra, because streaming is at the 4K level now.

The entire bundle made for quite a presentation today.

But it’s the Pixel phone that’s front and center, with new features such as these:

Google Assistant intends to go the likes of Siri and Alexa one better by accessing third-party platforms like WhatsApp and OpenTable to customize your search experience:

The Pixel Launcher was actually refined on Nexus phones, so reviews were already available. Of note is its unique home screen design:

Pixel Camera is drawing raves right out of the box.

Its features include white balance control, exposure compensation, and a smart burst mode captures a stream of shots that Google’s artificial intelligence then parses to determine the clearest one.

As well, all photos are automatically backed up for free on Google Photo, with unlimited space available.

Toss in round-the-clock voice and chat support, and the Pixel phone does appear to be quite impressive.

Whether it’s for you is something only you can answer. However, it’s clear Google has raised the bar.

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