Prevailing sentiment seems to be that the world’s largest social network is shaking up the way it distributes content to put the clamps on Russian tails wagging American dogs.

Frankly, the effect of fake news on a mass scale is for political scientists to decide.

We need to drill deeper.

It’s noble to think Facebook is implementing more thorough and less greedy standards of verifying news sources, but it’s more realistic to consider why it’s really making more changes to its News Feed.


If Facebook wants to remain relevant, it needs to get engaged millennials to return.

The logical decision, of course, was to drain the sludge.

Actually, this is an awesome development for motivated marketers.

Facebook rightly recognized that passive scrolling through content isn’t providing a beneficial service to anyone. By returning to its friends-&-family roots, it’s boosting the chances of more efficient engagement.

It realizes, too, that this will likely result in people spending less time on its platform. That’s exactly what we want, too.


We’ve always recommended that e-commerce entrepreneurs have their own site to conduct business, one that can’t be directly affected by a social media policy change.

The purpose of social media is to drive traffic to that site, where your products and/or services are the center of attention.

There are three types of Facebook posts:

  1. Posts by friends and family,
  2. Organic reach by businesses, and
  3. Paid ads

It’s beyond obvious that Facebook wants more of the first and definitely won’t be cutting down on any of the third anytime soon.



Organic reach is gonna happen from time to time, but Facebook won’t be doing much to help it along.

That means your strategy must evolve, and never have analytics been so important.

Our two hub sites at The Norra Ljusen Trust — The Daily Player and this one — are designed to be content producers targeted toward their micro-niches. Thus, Facebook’s new algorithm plays right into our wheelhouse. We simply re-purpose and share information to attract interested visitors to our websites.

It’s been working. Now, we expect it to work even better.


This isn’t the only route to the Dot Com lifestyle, but we know it’s a productive one.

So, if you take the time and effort to deploy a similar strategy, we’ll see you at journey’s end!

Just know we’re always here to do what we can to help.

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