It’s a truism that online entrepreneurs have around three seconds to attract new visitors and entice them into exploring your site and/or page in more detail.

If you can do that, you’ve probably got another 15 seconds to actually make it happen.


Here are a few tried-&-true essential tips to promote an extended stay:

Online markets already know visuals are huge, and their impact is ever-increasing.

importance of video in online marketing

One of the most effective visuals — and one that can’t be recommended highly enough — is an explainer video.

In one short Home page presentation, it can serve and/or reinforce many functions usually found on an About page.

The WowMakers will elaborate:


Besides the Home page, explainer videos can add dynamics in other locations, too. For example:

  • Product pages,
  • Emails,
  • Social media channels, and
  • Video channels.

Explainer videos can vary in tone, theme, and format. Depending on the intended target audience, they can be straight or snarky, imaginative or button-down, and anything else in-between.

As a rule of thumb, their running time should be kept under five minutes. In some cases, they can often convey the intended message in GIF form, which worked for this light-luggage from Orgo:


All it took to make was stop-action photography and graphics.

Telling a story is an excellent vehicle for personalizing your product or service. That’s the option we chose for the explainer video on this site’s Home page.

Here’s the wildly successful explainer story that took Dollar Shave Club from nowhere to a big brand. It combines the best of snark and polarization to appeal to its millennial target market, and enough of them confirmed it worked by becoming customers:


Product demonstrations are popular because they get straight to the point.

Paul Lynch developed what’s become the world’s most popular doodle software in Easy Sketch Pro by showing its versatility:


The key point in each of these and any other successful explainer video is they keep the message simple.

  • They emphasize the benefits their products and/or services can provide, and
  • They engage their prospects by informing as opposed to teaching.

Frankly, the video production is rather simple, too:

1. Write your script

  • Outline your message in as few words as possible, and be sure to cover these three points:
  • Block out each scene — whether they’re Power Point text slides, photos, video clips, etc — and match them up with your narrative, be it voice-over or visual.
  • Remember, there’s a huge difference between writing to be read and writing to be said. You want to sound natural, so words like gonna and outta along with faux contractions like, say, “the bank’s gonna be open” are fine if they’re natural for you.
  • Keep your text evergreen, ie- don’t date it. You want to imply relevance no matter when your visitors view your video.
  • You can download a sample script template here, compliments of

sample explainer video script

2. Don’t try to be perfect

  • You’re not Cecil B DeMille. At least, not yet. Just do your best. You’ll get better the more you produce videos and learn more in the process. It’s how we all started.
  • Don’t over-produce. Scene segues and other effects can happen later, but jump cuts are actually a thing these days. They’re easier, too.
  • For narratives, figure that 130 words amount to a minute of video time.
  • Remember, you’re conversing, not speaking. Explainer videos are usually viewed by one person at a time. Make a friend.

3. Stay on budget

  • Be resourceful. You can use free assets such as your current smartphone, Power Point, apps like Microsoft Paint, etc, to create your explainer video.
  • You can assemble them via a free video editor like Shotcut to produce your finished product. It’s easy to master basic functions, and really, those are all you’ll need to start. As well, Shotcut’s many users have posted numerous tutorials online. Here’s one:


Keep in mind this is a video editor. You’ll still need to upload your finished product to a video player.

You can do this on free platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, but once your revenue generation allows, odds are you’ll migrate to a paid platform — such as VooPlayer, which you’re seeing on this page — that won’t clutter your explainer video with other people’s ads and thumbnails.

After all, you’ve just created a video that’s designed to focus your visitors on your message and make their next click be to another page of yours.

That’s the only point that matters.

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