First of all, let’s start by saying there’s no exact formula for morphing your message into a cyberspatial phenomenon.

But there are ways you can put it into position to be seen by readers whom you’ve never even thought of attracting.

Think of what that could do for your shot at success in achieving the Dot Com lifestyle!


In fact, the process itself is rather simple.

There are only three fundamental steps:

1. Make your message visual

Enough studies have been done that confirm the obvious. Content containing related images perform better in virtually all categories. While motion usually offers a more dynamic effect, charts such as infographics can be extremely effective, too.

For example, here’s one that provides a useful guide to optimum posting times on various social media:

best times to post on social media

Now, who involved with online marketing wouldn’t find this useful?

Especially with the cleverly placed headline intro that announces this list is a result of 20 studies.

There’s a veritable plethora of software available to assist in creating images of all kinds.


OK, a whole bunch of software, and most of it is free. You can even pick up Easy Sketch Pro 3 — the world’s most popular doodle software — for a nominal price.

And those aren’t even counting videos, from players like YouTube, Vimeo, JW Player, and VooPlayer — my personal choice — to an assortment of editors to customize your own productions.

There’s even a free choice in that category — Shotcut — that’ll serve you well if you’re not planning the next cinematic spectacular.


Ultimately, you’ll want to give serious thought to creating your own videos. Viral clips are almost always unique, and nothing meets that stipulation like originals.

2. Make it useful

Meeting a need or being enlightening are extremely strong motivations for readers and/or viewers to have their interest piqued.

There’s an assortment of avenues to achieve this. For example:

  • Offer advice if you’ve established yourself as an authority figure,
  • Provide tips and tricks that resolve an issue, or
  • Present interesting facts and trends that would be of general interest.

You really don’t need to show a new way to split atoms to gain a measure of success, either.


If you’re composing posts as part of your marketing efforts now, simply single out a topic that you’ve mastered and light it up.

3. Stimulate an emotional reaction

Nothing begets engagement like a base reaction. Humor, fear, and empathy are just a few emotions that can elevate your message to a personal level.

It’s absolutely vital, though, that the feeling you evoke is genuine. Credibility is huge.

If you’re going for humor, timing is everything.


These three points provide a starter’s guide, but it’s advisable to dig deeper and zero in on devising a more detailed strategy for your particular situation.

The next task is to improve your chances of disseminating your message to a wider swath of your niche.

The infographic above should assist.

One of the quickest routes for increasing your reach is to identify an Instagram influencer whose expertise and presentation would be of interest to your target market. This is a pay-to-play service — especially since it’s been better regulated — but it can be extremely effective.



It’s still the fastest-growing social media platform as regards efficient reach and engagement. You’ll get a great bang for your buck, and it’s comparatively simple to begin.

Whichever platform you choose, the most important thing is to take action. Put these tips to work, and you’ll likely discover you’ve taken a major step in your quest for the Dot Com lifestyle.

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