An essential skill in your quest for the Dot Com lifestyle is mastering the task of talking to spiders in order to attract humans.

It’s strongly advisable for you to maintain a unique online presence, even if you’ve decided to be another company’s affiliate. Whether you do this via landing page, blog, and/or website, you must have an understanding as to how visitors find you.

Google still dominates the search market, so that’s where we’ll concentrate for now.

Clearly, getting a top listing there is a huge advantage:

share of search

However, doing so isn’t just an exercise in keywords. It’s a process of drilling deeper to identify keywords that will attract visitors who are ready to take action.

Thus, you’ll want to discover a set of keywords that align with the buying cycle, which is a fundamental of commerce, online or off.

Success or failure in selecting the right keywords is determined by recognizing intent.

Just as the buying cycle has four stages, there are four categories of keywords:

buying cycle keywords

If you know your niche — and if you’re going to succeed, that’s non-negotiable — this process is simpler than it appears.

As an example, let’s consider one of our related sites: The Daily Player.

The Daily Player***

It’s obvious from this screengrab that the site features a light-hearted look at sports, serving a niche that attracts visitors who usually have a higher education, a degree of affluence, and independent tendencies.

After a bit of research, we determined that this niche could be defined as sports snark. So those became our keywords.

We also determined that providing a frame of reference to an established and successful snarky site would intrigue newcomers to visit our site and see what we have to offer, which is sports information couched in entertainment-oriented content.

Daily Player teaser***

There is no more successful snarky site online than The Onion. It was created by college students and has stood the test of time. So, onion became one of our secondary keywords.

Trust me, no keyword software tool would ever suggest that one! Sometimes, it’s best to think like a human in order to interest other humans.

As a result of our keyword selection and related techniques such as internal and external backlinks, we’re pleased to state that The Daily Player is ranked No 1 on Google for its primary keywords:

The Daily Player Google listing

Note the snippet of content that came from our Home page also serves to reinforce what visitors are about to experience by visiting our site.

We definitely didn’t achieve the top ranking overnight. We still had to build trust by offering fresh content on a consistent basis. But that’s what sites in our niche are supposed to do, and we enjoy ourselves by delivering it.

The bottom line is, this process works and you don’t need to be a geek to succeed at it.

To summarize:

You just need to take action and get the show on the road.

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