If you’ve committed to pursue and realize the Dot Com lifestyle, you’ll soon run your business from anywhere you desire.

There’s nothing like breezing through a few revenue-producing keystrokes in the mountains, on the beach, or at the 19th hole.

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Odds are strong, of course, that a good share of your entrepreneurial endeavors will take place at home.

Even so, a significant number of domiciles these days also depend on WiFi there as their link to cyberspace.

Technology has come a long way, but an inconvenient truth is most homes and apartments till have dead zones where WiFi signals simply don’t go.

As well, if you’ve got a homeload of cybernauts carving up your WiFi’s bandwidth with their own devices, issues can arise that frustrate your quest for online success.

If your home is plagued with a few or many, there are solutions.

In essence, there are a number of signal repeaters on the market that make use of your home’s electrical system to strengthen your coverage.

One of them is the SURFboard Ripcurrent extender by Arris:

Arris has been around a long time and is a trusted name in routers. The current price ranges from $89 to $109, so shop wisely.

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of burning up your electrical outlet access, consider this innovative idea: a multi-purpose lightbulb.

Boost by Sengled has created one:

List price: $49.99, but as you’ll note from the link above, deals can be had.

Let’s say you’re well on your way to the Dot Com lifestyle, and you’re willing to shell out for top-shelf stuff.

In that case, go with the wireless solution: Eero. It comes as a single unit ($199) or in a three-pack ($499), depending on the size of your mansion:

Again, part of an e-commerce entrepreneur’s joy is working when you want and where you want, and that includes anywhere you feel like setting up shop for the moment in your own home.

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