The obvious advice for losing weight involves diet and exercise.

However, if weight loss is the prime objective, another obvious statement correctly narrows the focus:

You are what you eat.

So before you falsely think a few more laps around the track will compensate for that doughnut you just finished, consider this obvious logic:

science doesn't care what you believe

And the science is pointing strongly in one direction:

Those who live — or are working toward — the Dot Com lifestyle know self-discipline is a result of self-responsibility.

If the facts state smart dieting is the main factor in weight loss, then all we need to do is research and begin a plan.

healthy foods you should eat every day

Portion control is a consistent issue in efficient eating.

The Science Channel conducted a simple experiment and deduced a simple solution with a sound basis in facts:

Your daily intake should include smart snacking, too.

The idea behind the Dot Com lifestyle is to eliminate being on the run all the time.

And you’re doing it all on your own time, with a regimen that’s right for you.

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