I keep a phone line for only one reason:

Avoidance of unsolicited marketers.

The hard line merely gives me a number to enter when I need one to complete an online form. I’ve set it for only two silent rings and disabled the voicemail.

With so many scraping programs and data-drilling devices out there, no phone number is immune to harvesting, unless it’s not shared anywhere.


That’s why I only give my smartphone number to personal contacts. No one’s found a way to hack that yet.

I’m far from alone in doing this. Creating ghost phones is becoming just as widespread as the cord-cutting that has cable companies breaking into a cold sweat.

And yet, those of us who do so are still consumers. According to most researchers, we’re highly desirable ones. We’re quite open to receiving messages that meet a need or solve a problem.

So how does a smart marketer get some serious one-on-one time with us?


It continues to be the most effective direct marketing platform in cyberspace.

Marketing platform pie chart

E-mails serve different purposes at various stages of the buying cycle. However, they all should have one trait in common:

E-mail messages must be engaging

It’s also vital to display your message prominently.

  • Keep all paragraphs no longer than three sentences.
  • Put your key points in list form whenever possible.

In doing so, you’ll create a frame of white space around your words. I cannot stress enough how important this is. White space provides a much cleaner look that is simply easier for your reader to process visually.

reading e-mail

Finally, an e-mail is not a sales vehicle. It’s an introduction to your presentation, which you’ll provide in a link near the top and bottom of your text. Offer a promise and ask them to take action in order to discover exactly how you’re going to keep it, making their life better as a result.

When someone takes the time to open the message you’ve sent them, they’ve allowed you into their personal space, if only for a few moments. Respect the opportunity.

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