You don’t set your wallet on fire.

So why would you want to burn something that’s even more precious than whatever you’ve got in your billfold?

time on fire

Are you a believer in watching pennies because then the dollars will take care of themselves?

Well, that also translates into this: what’s the sense in burning minutes and hours on low-leverage or no-leverage activities? You’re just wasting your time.

Leverage is the process of becoming more efficient. It’s sorting what works from what doesn’t and then scaling it up.

As none of those principles are breaking news, it’s incredible that only about 3% of e-commerce entrepreneurs adhere to them. Virtually everyone else fails.

Making money online is not rocket science, but it does require rocket fuel:

This sets the stage for scalable leverage at its thrilling best.

  • You’ve become committed and disciplined;
  • You’ll have accessed a successful and resourceful team; and
  • You’ll be targeting prospects who well understand that to be successful, associate with those who are already successful.

Associate with successful people

Show the successful people in a quality high-ticket program that you’re ready to treat e-commerce as a business as opposed to a hobby, and they’ll become your mentors, trainers, and associates.

So set your e-commerce sights high. It doesn’t take any more time to work with a target market motivated for success than it does to wallow with those shifting from shiny object to shiny object hoping to become a kajillionaire without lifting more than a finger.

Your time is more than money. Leverage it smartly and you’ll have an abundance of both.

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