As any captain will confirm, it’s awesome being in command from the bridge.

USS Enterprise bridge

But the knowledge it takes to get there can be rather daunting.

USS Enterprise schematic

Especially when your starting point is beyond modest.

man in rowboat

However, in the wonderful world of cyberspace, that path to the top has never been more accessible.

Unbridled motivation, of course, is a necessity. And I firmly believe this three-step mantra is the blueprint to e-commerce success.

Efficiently rising to the heights of the Dot Com lifestyle involves working smart, not hard. And that requires measuring progress.

Fortunately, free tools are available to accomplish this task quickly and effectively. While they may look just as daunting to a non-techie as a starship schematic, the reality is they can be mastered with a minimum of study.

Outsourcing is always an alternative, but in my opinion, the most successful captains know all aspects of their ships.

And learning how to install Google Analytics on a WordPress site requires only a few simple steps:

The crew over at that data-gathering monolith has assembled a useful, easy-to-understand video tutorial series that explains the basics of site analytics.

Here’s a sample:

Still, data is what you make of it, so give some thought as to what will suit your particular needs.

  • First of all, add the code to your website. Data collection won’t start until you do.
  • Then, identify 3-5 measurable goals for your business, such as a realistic percentage increase in traffic or finding the most effective keywords for your products or services.
  • Finally, find the reports that will match those goals.

Initially, spend a few short sessions navigating these reports. As they become more familiar, you’ll soon discover how you can be more beneficial to your visitors. This helps you build your trust with them, and ultimately, they’ll consider you a reliable source for resolving an issue and/or satisfying a need.

And that’s why they found your site in the first place.

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