There’s hope amid the looming gloom that’s about to confront many who are approaching what are supposed to be their golden years.

Based on a renowned think tank’s projections, those times might not be looking very sunny in the near future.

The Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project released a study this month that indicates retirement these days will present stern financial challenges to our oldest citizens.

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Their findings are daunting, to say the least:

  • Only half of non-retired adults expect to have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.
  • About half of seniors pay out of pocket for such long-term services as nursing homes and home-based health providers.
  • Pensions amounted to two-thirds of dedicated retirement assets in 1978. Today, the figure is one-third and dropping quickly.
  • Middle-class households nearing retirement have about as much wealth in their houses as they do in their retirement accounts.
  • Households near the top half of income distribution had more wealth in 2013 than in 1989; people in the bottom half had less wealth.
  • For all but the wealthiest, home equity is a very important source of net worth to those nearing retirement.
  • Americans don’t understand basic financial concepts.
  • The ratio of current workers to Social Security recipients is half what it was in 1960.
  • Nearly $100 billion in federal tax breaks encourage retirement savings, but the Congressional Budget Office reports these disproportionately help more sophisticated households and wealthy households making money more from investments than wages.
  • Americans are living longer.

The last point is a good news/bad news issue. Living longer beats the alternative as long as it’s a quality experience. And that involves having the means to do so.

When retirement pushes these productive people out the door, few alternatives remain. After all, there are only so many Wal-Mart greeter positions available.

But that’s where e-commerce can save the day.

Sometime this year, my generation — the millennials — will pass baby boomers as the USA’s largest demographic. There’s definitely a market in which they can thrive.

This is a group richly experienced in life, and they know their peers. The convenience of working at home is tailor-made for them. Thus, it’s no surprise that many seniors and seniors-to-be are actively exploring their options with online business opportunities.

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They have a wealth of interests, so it’s just a matter of learning how to monetize them. And that’s the beauty of e-commerce.

This is where the 21-step marketing tutorial offered by My Online Business Empire becomes an invaluable learning tool. It’s conducted by actual six-figure earners in the system, and even guarantees a refund plus $500 if a sale isn’t made within 30 days.

Better yet, that sale is closed by the system’s professional staff. All members need to do is put their training to use and attract the traffic to them. In other words, they don’t need to learn to sell.

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The training is effective in virtually every niche. It works, and not only for seniors.

In these times where a primary income might not be enough, e-commerce can provide the financial security that’s missing and then some.

There’s a lot of life left for seniors entering their golden years, and it’s never too late to live the Dot Com lifestyle!

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