The prospect of living a Dot Com lifestyle is too tempting to ignore.

Imagine living life on your own terms, being in control of your own time, and earning an income doing something you truly enjoy.


This is the essence of e-commerce entrepreneurship, which has never been more accessible to become involved on a manageable budget.

There is a caveat, though, and it separates the 3% who realize their dreams from the 97% who just don’t get it and probably never will:

Cat in the Hat

Never invest money in something you don’t understand, which underscores the value of a good mentor.

Every successful e-commerce entrepreneur — even those with two-comma annual incomes — has at least one guiding light. And every credible mentor will advise you to never stop learning the business.

It’s odds-on that most mentors will advise anyone who’s made the commitment to succeed in e-commerce to begin as an affiliate marketer.


Simply put, you’re earning a commission by promoting someone else’s products.

Starkly put, they’d better be products you use yourself and can willfully endorse. This will be how you begin building your own credibility, so choose wisely.

Digital and dropshipped products alleviate a plethora of logistical issues. Here are three popular sites for sourcing them:

One of the most common misconceptions about affiliate marketing — and a key reason why there’s a 97% failure rate in e-commerce — is that you can set-&-forget your site and/or landing page once you’ve put everything in place.

If that was true, there wouldn’t be a 97% failure rate.


Among other things, Google’s spiders don’t like to see static pages, which could wind up in their penalizing your site. That cuts down on a visitor’s ability to find it.

So plan accordingly.

Furthermore, this step is absolutely essential:

Create a landing page so you can capture e-mail addresses.

Building a list of prospects and customers will be the life’s blood of your marketing campaigns. For all the tech and software that’s out there, e-mail remains one of the most effective techniques available. Ignore this advice at your financial peril.

Finally, it’s time to be even more blunt:

You must work toward affiliating with a high-ticket product.

And the sooner the better. They provide more reward for the same effort. Those with a record of success — like this 3 Steps to Success system, where you can learn to create your own products and/or useful products for your clients.

The Dot Com lifestyle is there for anyone willing to put the time and effort — working smart, not hard — to learn, research, plan, and most importantly, take action.

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