It’s an occupational hazard for virtually anyone whose livelihood involves sitting at a desk.


In the 21st century, it’s become one of the leading causes of serious health issues, not just in the USA, but worldwide. It shows no signs of subsiding.

This is why we include a Health section on our site. Especially in your early stages of embarking on a journey to the Dot Com lifestyle, it’s not uncommon to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a screen staking a business claim to a section of cyberspace.

Nothing wrong with that, as long as you do it within the framework of a well-rounded day plan.


If only it was that simple. And no matter what you read or hear, it isn’t.

What’s important is this: once you make the commitment to succeed as an e-commerce entrepreneur and then achieve your goal, you’ve gotta be in sufficient physical and mental condition to enjoy the freedom that the Dot Com lifestyle provides.

Here are four common-sense steps you can incorporate into your routine:

1. Exercise 30-45 minutes a day.


This is the most essential activity in a well-rounded routine. Getting your heart rate up a few beats doesn’t have to be that tough.

Unless, of course, you want it to be. And some do.


Frankly, walking or jogging will do the trick. This is also an excellent time to evaluate your day’s progress, your upcoming tasks, and your options for further developments in your business.

By being away from your work station, you also have fewer distractions, which makes this an excellent time to be creative.

There are also numerous monitoring apps available to track your activity, if you wish. Perhaps you’re already using a free option like My Fitness Pal or going full blast with a FitBit. Then again, you could just use a watch.

2. Keep a disciplined diet during the day.


One pitfall of working at home is the refrigerator and microwave aren’t that far away.

If you’re not one to fight the feeling, then at least dole those pangs out during the day, and shift into small portions of tasty food that are gonna do you some good.

Keep a glass of water available, too. Believe it or not, water is one of the most effective weight loss tools. In one study, researchers found that people who drank a full glass of water before each meal experienced more weight loss than a control group that didn’t drink water before meals.

3. Be practical with your pace of progress.


You hear the stories, usually from sales pitches, but being desperate is not a good way to calculate your business timeline.

So, while you’re walking or jogging, give some hard thought to how you’ve put yourself in position to succeed. Address each factor reasonably. Don’t think about immediate paydays until you have everything in place to offer quality service after the sale.

You’ll find that a steady approach to building your business — rather than pushing for the big hit right outta the gate — will do wonders for stress reduction. Focus on self-worth; it’s more valuable than net worth.

4. Take 30-45 minutes to read each day.


Exploring the thoughts of others really does keep your mind fresh. It enriches your imagination and hones your focus on what the world around you has to offer and how it could apply to you and your business.

It’s essential that you don’t limit yourself to materials in your chosen niche. Sometimes, your most valuable inspirations come from other fields and topics.

Unlike walking or jogging, you can segment reading into different day parts, especially if you prefer articles to books.

If you do, and this article is one of them, then congratulations on starting to assemble a healthier, more productive day!

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