Those who achieve and maintain the Dot Com lifestyle will confirm the effort to get there is well worth it.

However, most who take the journey can’t help but notice a litany of cautionary tales that are strewn along the wayside.


There are many rewarding reasons for becoming an online entrepreneur. Getting rich quick isn’t one of them, as those who drink that particular brand of kool-aid usually discover the hard way.

Serious achievers who get into the business usually start by seeking a second income, learning the fundamentals, and scaling up if they find a spark’s ignited as a result of their efforts.


Chris Record is one entrepreneur who fast-tracked by necessity. He’s a natural salesman who saw online enterprise as his avenue to rise from humble beginnings to financial freedom.

We connected a few years ago. We’d taken different routes to success, but I’ve found Chris to be straight-up about his hits and misses, genuinely sincere, and unfailingly positive.

Kjell Sherman w Chris Record

While we’ve never collaborated on any business or project, I’ve been impressed with Chris’s willingness to hold up his life experiences as examples of what works and what doesn’t in online business.

Here’s his account of something that doesn’t, and it reflects an obliviousness to an obviosity that seems to happen to millennials who get so consumed in their business, they forget they’re operating a business:


Sometimes the simplest things teach the hardest lessons.

Chris’s dilemma, amazingly enough, is not an isolated situation. It seems that millennials, especially, expect to break through in online business, become single-minded about generating the income, and have a tendency to treat its nuts and bolts as secondary considerations.


Identifying a niche and a product or service that would benefit those within it is a key factor in dot com success.

However, amidst that euphoria, a bitta planning wouldn’t go amiss. As we’ve just seen, it’s actually essential.

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