No wonder business at this site is continually brisk.

Self-starters are tired of working like crazy and still living from paycheck to paycheck. They’re looking for a logical, realistic, and positive solution to change this before the situation buries them.

Career Builder recently released a startling study that gave rise to a few incredible conclusions. For example:

  • 78% of American workers are barely making ends meet;
  • Incredibly, this even includes some who earn $100,000+ a year; and
  • 71% of Americans are in debt.

It’s no wonder these people are looking for a way out. Look what financial stress is doing to their health:

How’s that for promoting reality? A banking service advising to open a second line of revenue!

Good call.

Financial discipline is a huge factor in reducing debt, and it will be just as important should you decide to take action and become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

That’s because you can not afford to take on more expense with no sound prospect of generating margin.

And remember, there are no shortcuts. Odds are they’re what caused your financial stress in the first place.

This is how you build a solid, flexible base of operations:

This course of action takes the same mindset as sticking to a practical workout regimen and/or maintaining a sensible diet.

The effect of debt on mental health cannot be understated. It’s not discussed often enough, unfortunately, because there are manageable solutions.

You’ve just seen one. It works. It can even make escaping debt’s clutches kinda fun.

But only if you take action.

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