Do know the future isn’t quite this here yet:

But the Lexus hoverboard has moved it a degree or two closer.

There’s a fundamental technological qualifier to it, which we’ll detail in a moment. But first, take a look at the hoverboard in action:

Lexus is the luxury vision of Toyota, and its engineers must have spent serious time on Japan’s maglevie- magnetic levitation — trains. They’re capable of speeds approaching 375mph.

Of course, the key everyday ingredient to this technology is that, currently, maglevs only hover over metal.

That skate park in Barcelona where Lexus held its demonstration? Lexus installed a full metal layer under the surface.

Still, this is an impressive development.

Metal layer or not, Lexus is already being overwhelmed with inquiries. However, hoverboards aren’t for sale. The company has even said that it has no idea how to even put a price on it.

So why develop it?

For the same reason auto manufacturers pour millions into racing. Research and publicity.

formula 1 racing

Plus, competition from monoliths like Google pushing into the auto business has forced car companies to double down on their efforts to provide the tech experience the 21st century car markets are starting to demand.

hoverboad jumping a Lexus

For now, then, Lexus has delivered a small ride for man. It’ll no doubt lead to a giant jaunt for mankind.

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