It’s already the third-largest social platform out there.

Snapchat hosts 150million daily users, and most of them are millennial demographic, totally comfortable with online shopping.

It’s even making gains in demographics that have a ways to go in that regard.

According to comScore:

  • 14% of U.S. smartphone users who are 35 or older are now using Snapchat, up from a mere 2% three years ago.
  • For smartphone users aged 25 to 34, that number has exploded from 5% to nearly 38% in the past three years.

The big brands not only noticed this, they became well aware of the platform’s strong advantage in user engagement. They had the budgets to immerse their products in actions with impressive results.

For example, Taco Bell got an überbang for its megabucks by encouraging Snapchatters to become their product:

Of course, few e-commerce entrepreneurs are gonna shell out $750,000 for that sort of message. However, the farsighted ones will take note of the results and work on strategies to scale them to their budget and needs.

Because they’re available.

Taking the coupon concept a step further, offer an additional discount — say, 5% on top of an initial 10%-20% promotion — if they send you a screenshot confirmation of five people with whom they shared your post.

The more aggressive marketers can turbocharge their lead acquisition process by adding Ghost Codes to their arsenal:

Another simple technique is to use the platform’s Discover feature and do what all good marketers do: tell a story.

Here are four examples of Tesla’s campaign:

Big-bucks company; reasonable production costs.

All Tesla did was utilize Marketing 101: offer a solution to a concern. That works on any level, even one where a selfie is the only video equipment on hand.

An indication of Snapchat’s effectiveness is the fact that Facebook is trying to catch up to its real-time delivery of content that encourages active user engagement by introducing Instagram Stories.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it also underscores the obviosity that users who take action are the most valuable of all.


Right now, there’s a legion of them on Snapchat.

If you haven’t done so already, get up to speed and introduce yourself.

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