Who knew that what’s become a global retail extravaganza got its name out of frustration from Philadelphia’s police department?

The common assumption is that Black Friday was so designated because it was when retail outlets rolled out bales of deals the day after Thanksgiving to ignite the holiday shopping season.


Assisting sales staff to keep order at brick-&-mortar stores will continue to be a task for the local constabularies because, year after year, Black Friday keeps getting more and more massive.

Cyber Monday — the first Monday after Thanksgiving — quickly became a phenomenon in 2005 after it was coined as a promotion by companies with online retail presences.

Together, they’re now known by the acronym BFCM.

This isn’t news to online marketers …

  • Adobe Analytics reported in the USA alone, consumers spent $19.62billion online over the five-day period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday in 2017.
  • That was a 15% jump over the previous year.
  • 58million people shopped online, compare to 51million in brick-&-mortar stores.

What’s more, they shop for everything. That includes whatever each of us is promoting.

First and foremost, as with all else in your online operations, develop a solid plan for your BFCM promotion. This should include:

Some of our online stores are hosted on the Shopify platform. We enhance their productivity with a number of Bold apps.

That company has produced a useful ebook to assist marketers in preparing for short-term campaigns. You can download it for free here.

Bold app Holiday Hustle ebook

Whether or not you have an online store or add Bold’s apps, the tips mentioned in this ebook — such as the importance of creating buyer personas — are universal.

There are more than enough holiday shoppers in cyberspace for everyone. Many will be extremely interested in what you offer and how well you treat them. Take action and do your bit to ensure their satisfaction!

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