In this day and age, who doesn’t rent or share something on certain occasions?

Maybe it’s a vacation condo, a speedboat for the weekend, or a car for the hour, day, or longer. And of course, when it’s in your possession, it’s your responsibility.

It only makes sense that you’d want to memorialize its condition when you got it. And now you can.

The Record360 app is free to consumers, and there’s also a version for the variety of industries whose clientele make use of their assets.

The app is as user-friendly as it gets:

Record360 operation

Thus, at time of property, equipment or vehicle exchange, simply walk around the item or dwelling, using taps on a smart mobile device to capture video, images, highlights and necessary annotations from all angles.

Record360 then creates a time-stamped, geo-tagged record stored in the cloud. With proof of condition in hand, disputes at the point of return are a thing of the past.

Here’s the app in action:

Record360 is a simple tool that gives travelers and anybody who needs to share or rent equipment the peace of mind they should expect, just like any industry where goods and services are exchanged.

Android devices can download it from the Play Store, and iPhone users can access it from iTunes.

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