The brass ring in solopreneurship is to achieve and maintain the Dot Com lifestyle.

Getting there, as they say, should be half the fun, but unfortunately, very few find that to be the case. The success rate in percentage terms is in low single digits. Lots of hopes and dreams go up in flames along the way.


What does that mean? What else!

More for us, of course!

There’s a veritable plethora of free and proven traffic generation techniques that are effective and feasible for any experience level.

Neil Patel is a highly acclaimed expert on the topic, and deservedly so. He’s been there, done that, and shares a range of excellent methods to boost a site’s visitation totals.

The first one on his list, for example, is absolutely killer:

So, the potential for the sorta traffic you want is there in droves.

Still, before you can cash in on the more for us opportunity, you need to hone an intense mindset to fuel your fire.

Back in the day, St Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Al Hrabosky was known as the Mad Hungarian for his habit of mentally igniting himself behind the mound with his back to home plate before confronting every batter he faced:


Every time. No one doubted dude meant business. Now, that’s focus.

Obviously, you don’t need to psych up by slamming your keyboard and whirling toward your screen before attacking your task with conviction, but however you get into your frame of mind, here are a few suggestions for core beliefs you’ll want to bring with you:

1. Chart your own path.

You’re unique. Build on it. Your site is very much dependent on your vision and goals for your business.

Maybe you have your own product and/or service. Maybe you want to work with brands. Maybe you want to manage content marketing for companies. Maybe you want to build credibility and go on to establish a consulting business. There isn’t one right answer.

It’s all out there to be done, and refreshing, well-tested approaches get noticed.

Successful solopreneurs study the work of their mentors. They take from them what they need and develop their own strategy.


2. Your focus is on opportunity, not the competition.

Really, there’s enough business out there for everyone.

Support your peers. Promote and share their work. Believe that the more you give back, the more you benefit. Take a good hard look at what you can offer as an effective networker.

Are you willing to consistently spend time and energy building and nurturing your professional network? The effort is well worth it.

3. Habits are more reliable than motivation.

Even the best of us have uninspiring days. What’s the only way around it?


They’re what we do consistently, usually on autopilot. Anything we do automatically is something that produces specific and consistent results more often than not.

Don’t bet on motivation to make progress. Create a work schedule that becomes part of your daily duties.

4. Content is there to solve problems.

You want to establish your site as the go-to destination for useful information, products, and/or services when your visitors realize they need them.

When viewed in the harsh light of cold reality, your visitors don’t necessarily want or care about what you sell. All they care about is their problems are solved. Your products and/or services are simply a means to an end.

This is a killer reason why you offer information related to them. That’s what keeps your visitors coming back again and again.


5. Build a quality rather than a quantity following.

Your objective is to accumulate an active regular readership rather than a slew of passive followers.

Those regulars are the ones who take action and will continue to be your repeat customers. You’ll rarely find them by being everybody’s friend. Drill deep to discover your best candidates for becoming your associates.

For the record, that’s how we view our active visitors. We’re not seeking online marketers in general; we want to strike up relationships with motivated online marketers, those who mean it and confirm it by their actions.

Spend time interacting with them via email and/or social media.


Make these beliefs your mantras and you’ll be well-placed to attract and keep traffic.

Implement them on a day-to-day basis. Knowledge isn’t power until it’s applied.

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