Add this to the list of things easier said than done.

The ultimate irony of being an e-commerce entrepreneur is we are better placed than most to understand certain trends on the Internet, and yet we stand the most to lose by taking overt stands on them.

This is true even on our Norra Ljusen Trust websites, two of which are The Daily Player and Better Life Focus.

Their themes, for example, have nothing to do with politics or religion, so we advise our writers to tread carefully. The reason is obvious: we respect each customer’s beliefs and don’t want to alienate them unnecessarily.

But there’s no doubt we’ve all been tempted …

Polarization has been around ever since our distant ancestors came up with differing opinions on the same topic.

What cyberspace has done is amplify it.

It’s put behavioral traits such as selective exposure — the so-called echo chambers — and cognitive dissonance on Front Street.

It’s given rise to unqualified information sources in numerous categories:

The antidote for identifying and removing toxic thoughts and actions is obviously by both being real with yourself and utilizing more well-rounded sources.

One successful company — KIND Snacks — has mandated its charitable foundation to encourage just that, on a one-to-one basis:

If you’re up to the challenge, add their Pop Your Bubble tool to your Facebook page and randomly connect with people who may not think like you, but they think.

This project isn’t necessarily about debate, but affirmation.

It’s not about political correctness, but civil discourse.

The strongest societies are built upon understanding and compromise rather than dominance and disdain.

If you’re brave enough to accept that notion, give Pop Your Bubble a shot.

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