The Holy Grail of e-commerce is a totally secure password format.

So far, the leader in the clubhouse continues to be keystroke-based. While there are some clever systems out there, the search continues for a method that’s absolutely unique to each user.

That search is based on the obviosity that there’s only one you.

Makes sense.

Selfies are still a thing. Snapchat’s ready to monetize them.

Mainstream has noticed, and that means the race is on to take selfie-pay technology out of the lab and into the field.

MasterCard’s already on it:

However, besides the usual tech bugs that might remain to be addressed, there are a few other matters of concern that are even more daunting:

  • These companies generate additional revenue streams by selling the data they collect, and
  • Aren’t we already being tracked enough?

Guess not, because now Amazon’s getting in on the action.

The world’s largest retailer is legendary for going its own way, so who knows if their patent application has addressed the issue of security breaches from within?

At least we can rest assured that real life has surpassed sci-fi in this concept. By deploying full-facial systems instead of retina recognition, it seems we’ve moved past their version of breaches, some of which were ‘way too messy:

The drumbeat of progress marches on.

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