If the Amazon Echo is already as essential in your household as the remotes for your entertainment center, then you know what’s happening in the near future.

It won’t be long before every home has one or something like it. And that ‘something’ might just be a more compact version of the Echo.

Meet the Echo Dot:

Echo operates as an effective virtual assistant, but there’s only so much speaker that can be crammed into it. More specific options are abundant — Sonos is one — that specialize in sound and can be deployed in more than one room, so that function in Echo is redundant.

What remains is the Dot.

There is currently one kicker to purchasing a Dot. You must be a member of Amazon Prime and it must be done via voice command, which is another way of saying Amazon wants you to do it via an Echo or Fire device.

So, here’s what do you do if you only want the Dot:

  • Download and install the free Amazon Shopping app.
  • Tap the microphone icon in the app’s upper left corner to start the voice command.
  • Say add Echo Dot to shopping cart.
  • Tap Add to cart next to the Echo Dot.
  • Tap Proceed to checkout.
  • Pay.

As you can see, virtually zero geek skills are required.

The versatility of the Echo Dot — and similar products that are certain to enter the marketplace — will clearly expand in the near term and beyond.

If you’re living the Dot Com lifestyle or are working to do so, you’ll consider it a vital addition to your personal environment.

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