If you’re truly committed to achieving the financial freedom that the Dot Com lifestyle can offer, you’re going to make money.

Ultimately, that means a bit of financial planning wouldn’t go amiss.

In fact, it might even provide additional incentive to stay the course until those life-changing revenues start rolling in.


All successful entrepreneurs know that Step One in any endeavor is to take action. That applies to getting a start on your investment portfolio, too.

Fortunately, even if your only spare cash right now is all in metal form, there’s an app that can allow you to nurture it into an efficient base for better days ahead:

To be clear, investing is complicated. There’s no sure-fire way to approach it. Risk is part of the picture.

However, while you’re focus is on building a strong foundation in e-commerce, this app helps to simplify what will become a major consideration in your life soon enough.

Acorns enables you to connect you mobile phone to your bank accounts and invest the change from purchases you make every day.

Here’s an overview of Acorns’ capabilities:

  • Available Accounts — Individual only. Retirement accounts are not available.
  • No Minimum Deposit — You can start right away.
  • Annual Fees — $1 per month for accounts under $5,000, and 0.25 percent per year for accounts over $5,000. Individuals under 24 years of age and those attending college pay no fees.
  • Mobile App and Website Access — iPhone and Android support as well as website access.
  • Round-Ups — For each credit card transaction, the Round-Up to the nearest dollar is invested into Acorns.
  • Scheduled Deposits — Set recurring daily, weekly or monthly investments.

As your fortunes grow, you’ll be able to spend more time taking a more detailed look at your portfolio’s performance. You’ll possibly decide to utilize more sophisticated tools and services.

Until then, though, you’ve got things to do. So let Acorns handle the small change for now while you’re making the big changes happen.

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