Every motivated marketer understands that, no matter what the challenge, the key to success in business is taking action.

This applies to anyone committed to a quality lifestyle, as well.

Unfortunately, a sizable segment of the population has come to that realization the hard way, either by tempting but poor life choices or being dealt a bad hand by the gene pool. For most of them, taking action by fighting back should be a necessity more than an option.

It begins with an understanding:

Premature deaths in the USA due to diabetes alone now stands at 76,000 with the trend continuing upward. That’s beyond tragic.

It used to be that anyone contracting this disease was doomed to be plagued with it for life. No longer.

Peer-reviewed research has revealed that diabetes can be reversed naturally. It’s not easy, requiring a huge helping of dietary discipline. The breakthrough came under the respected auspices of Newcastle University in northeastern England and is endorsed by the support group Diabetes UK, who funded the research.

This is the statement they issued on 12 April 2012:

Do know that limiting your consumption of calories to 600-800 a day is a radical commitment, so they’re not kidding when they recommend doing it under medical supervision.

Know as well that there are no shortcuts, but is a month or so of inconvenience worth the probability of eradicating an insidious and chronic disease from your body?

Understand that if diabetes disappears, it can always return if an everyday smart and sensible diet isn’t deployed as a part of your natural lifestyle. The Newcastle system is a Get Out of Jail Free card, not a full pardon.

Advancements in bariatric surgery are constantly being made, but it’s still more expensive, risky, and remains available to only a select few. The Newcastle system is ubiquitous.

The university’s years of research and well over 300 case studies have spawned a number of variations on their theme, many of which aren’t as hardcore as theirs. Some are effective to a lesser degree, while others are outright quackery.

Good health habits are obviously advisable for everyone, but those striving to become successful e-commerce entrepreneurs must be more acutely attuned to them than most, due to the amounts of time spent in front of a screen. Essentials such as dietary control and fitness can sometimes be minimized or outright abandoned.

After all, when you do achieve the Dot Com lifestyle, you want to be in shape to enjoy it!

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