Throughout history, fortune has been recognized as a significant factor in life by many civilizations.

So important, in fact, that cultures such as the Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Greeks placed their symbol for it at the head of their alphabet.

So did the Vikings, who took it one step further and designated the first symbol in their runic letterset to denote luck and wealth.

viking treasure

Given my Viking heritage, it’s no coincidence that a stylized version of the Fehu rune serves as our Better Life Focus logo.

This is due to my belief that — sooner or later — luck will ultimately determine whether or not an e-commerce entrepreneur will be a success.

Not this sorta luck, however:


I’m referring to the type of luck you have an opportunity to manage.

The key is obvious:

Be in position to immediately capitalize on whatever break comes your way.

Here’s a classic first-person example:

SEO isn’t a quick process, but it’s an excellent means of attracting cold traffic. So we do it with our sites. Both Better Life Focus and The Daily Player now reside on Google’s first page for better life focus and sports snark, their respective primary keywords.

Somehow, Bitcoin holders looking for a rare outlet to actually spend their cybercurrency — instead of continually HODLing it as an investment — found that The Daily Player accepted it. Our back-end tools confirmed their initial wave came to us directly from a Google search. Clearly, the word spread in their communities after that.


Until then, we’d been marketing the site to millennial sports fans and doing quite well with it.

As the data kept coming, though, we immediately accepted the trend, pounced on our good luck, and also began targeting Bitcoin holders who were sports fans.

Our revenues quickly jumped. Around 80% of them are now derived from Bitcoin.

And then, when the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash fork happened and some Bitcoin holders looked to spend rather than make a decision, we experienced another rush of business.


Moral of the story: We lucked into a niche we’d never considered as a primary target because we’d positioned ourselves to be ready for something like that to occur.

And now, we’ve never looked back.

What are you doing to be ready when a stroke of luck comes your way?

The Vikings were right. There is a link between luck and wealth.


Better yet, researchers have even found that those who recognize their good luck are much more prone to show gratitude for it by contributing to socially worthy causes.

That, too, is the Viking way, as is written in this runic poem:

Wealth is a consolation to all men
Yet much of it must each man give away
If glory he desire
To gain before his god.

They were right then. Their wisdom is right now.

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