One pleasant aspect of the Dot Com lifestyle is this:

You don’t have a bucket list. You have a life.

There’s nowhere on this globe you can’t go when your time is your own and you have the means to make the most of it.

Traveling is considered a luxury, but really, it’s an essential element in understanding just what’s out there, how we fit into it, and why we should appreciate it.

1. Swim in the Grand Canyon’s Havasupai Falls

Better yet, hop off the cliff for up to 90 feet of sudden thrills!

But there’s nothing wrong with simply being breathtaken by the scenery, either.

2. Take a journey to the Amazon … anywhere in the Amazon

It’s as large as the USA, with so much to discover just how important this rainforest is to the entire world’s well-being.

3. See a sunset on Santorini

Officially known as Thira, this spectacular island in the southern Aegean Sea lies about 200km southeast of Greece’s mainland.

It’s the largest island of a small, circular archipelago that’s the remnant of a volcanic eruption 3500 years ago.

4. Go below the surface in Belize’s Great Blue Hole


This is the world’s best known submerged sinkhole. It’s 410ft deep, which means only the most experienced scuba divers can explore the floor.


However, see the light blue rim? It’s awesome for snorkeling!


5. Hike the Wave in Arizona and Utah


No, that’s not a painting. It’s one of the most mesmerizing sandstone formations in the American Southwest.

You can indeed take a trek in it, but a permit is required. This is a popular site, so make your plans in advance.

6. Hike to the edge of the sky in Norway

This is the section of Scandinavia where mountains literally stab into the sea, forming the fjords — narrow inlets — that are framed by harrowing precipices.

Take PreikestolenPulpit Rock — — not far from Stavanger. It’s not hard to get there, but looming almost 2000ft above the water, this cliff is kept amazingly free of fences:


For the truly hardy, though, the TrolltungaTroll’s Tongue — is a tougher access but well worth it if you don’t mind peering from a ledge that’s 3000ft above the inlet:

This is well and truly an existential experience.

7. Explore Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Look familiar?



8. Get a history lesson in Turkey’s underground Basilica Cistern

The Hagia Sofia is rightly the showpiece of what was then called Constantinople — look for the Viking runes that state “Hafdan was here” etched into one of its walls — but this subterranean wonder is well worth the visit.

The cistern arose from humble beginnings: it was originally designed to be a water filtration system for the royal buildings above it.

9. Take flight over Albuquerque

Their annual International Balloon Festival takes advantage of the regions casual breezes to provide what can ironically be described as a peaceful adventure.

… And that’s just a start! Where will you go first?

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