Here’s a sure-fire way to know you’ve started to live the Dot Com lifestyle:

You decide you’ve gotta be somewhere, so you go there.

Everything else is just detail work. That includes the reasoning for your travel. Maybe it’s to advance the cause of your e-commerce entrepreneurship. Maybe it’s just for fun. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Maybe it’s just on a whim.

You realize every new place you visit awakens your senses. Each one has a unique atmosphere. Seeing different faces and diverse ways of living makes you curious about the world again.

You just like the variety of it all.

These days, it’s not unusual to find perpetual travelers in any foreign country. They either stay in one country for an extended period of time or continue to move among countries with a small luggage bag.

This is the freedom of being your own boss where your office is merely a laptop and/or smartphone.

Still, one of the reasons you’re enjoying this sort of freedom is that you’re efficient with your resources.

It’s advisable to have the same mindset on the road.

1. Think like a local and spend like a local

Granted, there are some parts of the world that dare you to live there. Some that come to mind are international money centers like London, Zurich, and Singapore.

Others have simply become that way due to one form of uniqueness or another.

Experienced travelers — even the ones who can easily afford it — don’t go crazy seeking luxury.

When you travel often, you don’t need to always spend like a tourist anymore. You’ll want to start experiencing a locale in depth, and the obvious way to do that is to find the spots where the residents frequent and join them.

Get a feel for their everyday spending perspectives, such as which markets offer the greatest value, the most efficient means of transportation during the various day-parts, and what the popular wi-fi platforms are.

They call tourism and industry for a reason. Things that are targeted to travelers are often more expensive.

That shouldn’t be describing you anymore.

2. Cook your own meals

Part of the financial freedom that puts you on the road at your leisure is enjoying the local cuisine. That’ll never change.

However, think of a few professions where the job description actually is life on the road.

Take some major-league baseball umpires …

We won’t go there with long-haul truckers and similar professions. Umpires get a $400-or-so per diem, and a good share of that goes right into their gullets.

Take a hint from the younger ones who are up-and-coming. Find a way to buy groceries in a local market and cook for yourself every now and then. It’s healthier.

There are microwaves in hotel rooms and short-term apartment lets. If you go the bed-&-breakfast route, you often have use of a kitchen. Your body with thank you.

3. Prioritize your expenses

Obviously, your priorities change when you leave home. Spending on new experiences will likely be high on your list.

If you’ve got your trusty laptop and/or smartphone, you might want to spend more for your business than you do on traveling itself. That would include on-location expenses for shooting video clips and green screen b-roll to add dynamics to current and future marketing promotions.

Focus on the couple of things in a location you care about the most. Maybe it’s the nearby golf courses, the architecture, or possibly the arts scene.

This is easier said than done, but the better acquainted you are with a more defined area, the better perspective you’ll have on your spending.

4. Protect your belongings

If you’re not already a Type A personality, you’ll become one very soon after you start traveling. Do know, though, that constantly moving exposes you more to the risk of leaving something behind and never being able to retrieve it.

Have a set checking routine for your important identification documents, wallet, and electronics. Maybe it’s just a pocket tap every time you shift from spot to spot — eg- a taxi to the curb — but turn it into a muscle memory.

It’s such a simple habit to have, but it becomes an essential element for frequent travelers.

Anything you lose could cost you a lot of money and time, which is the exact antithesis of the Dot Com lifestyle.

Besides, nho matter what tax bracket you occupy, losing stuff just makes you look silly.

5. Save on travel expenses

If ever there was a cult for frequent travelers, it’s the credit card churners. Whether or not your trips make this a worthy endeavor for you, but do the math first.

You’ve already earned a special status by living the Dot Com lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to pay extra in fees for it.

Make certain you’re aware of ATM fees in each country, as well. Some online banking services offer extremely reasonable services; USAA even refunds the ATM bank’s fees for the first 10 monthly withdrawals.

Exchanging cash in an airport is not the best way to get the local currency. That’s more a fact of life than a travel tip.

If there are certain arrangements you can pay in advance, it may be worth looking into some of the more popular cryptocurrencies. They’re more popular than ever in certain corners of the world.

Consider your travel as an opportunity to educate yourself about the global economy. Experiencing different economic systems allows you to view how intertwined they are.

E-commerce itself knows few borders — tax authorities, though, often do — so it might be advisable from both a business and convenience standpoint to open a couple of different currency accounts. Among other things, this would give you options as global currency rates rise and fall.

Also, know that if you still have bills to pay back on the home front, so set reminders on your smartphone and/or laptop and automate when possible to be responsible about them.

6. Think of the big picture

Many questions arise when you leave your home country and face a different world. Here are a couple of the most common:

  • Why are these people so happy with such different priorities?
  • Why are their worldviews so different than ours?

You become aware of new facts of life, and you want to make sense of them.

OK, maybe not all of them, but some of questions will occupy your mind more than others. You’ll want to continue traveling in order to answer those questions. You might even want to reconsider a few of your perspectives.

passport stamps instead of a house full of stuff

The travel you’re doing out of curiosity and possibly business will start to take on another level of reason and purpose.

You’ll keep meeting the right people and possibly have even more opportunities you need in order to continue your journey through the Dot Com lifestyle.

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