It’s a fact of life that successful people read.

This should be ingrained in the routine of anyone committed to achieving the Dot Com lifestyle. After all, we’re in the information business.

We’re fortunate that books are available in numerous forms these days. This enables us to more conveniently access them, allowing us to reap their benefits, from improving our health physically and mentally to preparing ourselves for those times when opportunity comes knocking.

Of course, books are still one of the most popular forms of entertainment, too. Sometimes, it’s fun to create a bit of ambience while you’re relaxing with them.

With that in mind, whether you’re reading for business, pleasure, or both, here are six bookish accessories you might enjoy:

1. The library chair

How’d you like to go all ironic and drop yourself and your Kindle into this handcrafted tribute to the written word:

library chair

It’s custom made to your specifications, a fully upholstered button-cushion club chair with armrests and a built-in 27 feet of shelf storage for books and DVDs.

There’s a secret compartment under seat — accessed from behind the bottom-shelf books — for hiding away those extra special things. It’s also got rolling castors for easy movement.

This chair can be upholstered in any material and painted in any color. It’s a big-ticket item, but if you’re on your way to the Dot Com lifestyle, you can pay for it out of your front pocket!

2. A candle that has that bookish scent

book scent candles

Whatever next, you ask?

Here it is: the Bibliotheque candle conveys hints of cedarwood for an earthy aroma and patchouli for the aged effect. This is a handmade soy candle that offers a rich old book scent throughout your room.

3. Luxury bathtub caddy tray

luxury bathtub caddy tray

Give yourself a reason to lounge in the comfort of bubbles and splendor with this durable, water-resistant bamboo tray with grooves perfect for a hard copy tome, a tablet, or a smartphone.

The tray extends to 43 inches and fits most bathtubs available on the market. All you have to do is slide the handles to adjust them to a desirable width. No special skills or specific tools are required.

4. Folding book lamp

How’s this for illuminating reading!

An origami style lamp that turns on and off when you open and close it, this eco-friendly light doesn’t even need an unsigtly cord or batteries. You power it via USB cable or charger, and you’ve got portable shine.

It opens all the way up to 360° and comes in a variety of colors besides white.

folding book lamp

This lamp uses a long-lasting LED bulb and only weighs around 1lb/0.5kg.

As you can see, it works as a decoration, too.

5. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity book cover for Kindle

einstein theory of relativity bookcase

Tuck your Kindle into this cover and do your reading with a knowing expression.

You can be scrolling through Buzzfeed but look like you’re heavily into the relationship between time and space.

Then again …

You’ll be ready for anyone who dares to judge a book by its cover.

6. The invisible floating bookshelf

Here’s a simple yet distinctive design that makes your interior space not just more efficient, but more interesting, too.

invisible floating bookshelf

Each floating bookshelf can hold 15lb/6.9kg.

The mounting hardware comes with the shelf, and it’s a snap to install.

  • Just find a stud in the wall,
  • Level the shelf,
  • Mark the two spots where you’ll drill,
  • Notice the two hooks on the shelf’s underside, and
  • Insert the first book’s cover so that the hooks support it.

As a side benefit, a portion of the sale proceeds are donated to the Pratt Institute, a private non-profit organization known for its highly ranked programs in architecture, interior design, and industrial design.

If these shelves are any indication, its students are well worth supporting.

As to students everywhere else …

It definitely is.

And setting the mood here and there keeps that thought front and center.

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