The time has come
The time is now
Just go. Go. Go!
I don’t care how.
Dr Seuss, from Marvin K Mooney, Will You Please Go Now

If Marvin was hearing the same demand right now, he’d be getting out of here four times faster than he would’ve in 1980.

And with multiple governments preparing to follow the USA in unleashing its tech sector to create infrastructure standards for the next generation of wireless services, Marvin will soon be able to get outta town at close to warp speed.

Full marks to the Federal Communications Commission for getting out ahead of the curve:

  • They voted unanimously last week to authorize mobile use in high-frequency spectrum that had only limited uses until recent technological advances, and
  • They also laid the groundwork to auction a large amount of that spectrum to wireless companies while allowing more open or shared uses of the rest.

In essence, the FCC set the stage for creating flexible rules in hopes of duplicating the regulatory environment that helped fuel innovation in the existing fourth-generation networks.

Thus, the race is on to bring 5G into widespread deployment:

This development will clearly advance the Internet of Things.

In turn, e-commerce will benefit tremendously by making the customer experience more efficient.

IoT effect on customer experience

  • Your business will be able to handle higher volumes of consumer traffic, virtually eliminating slowdowns;
  • It will be easier to target customers based on interests and location; and
  • Tracking and processing customer actions within your business will be instantaneous.

The primary issue in deploying 5G will be its network coverage. Providers are well into laying the foundation:

Estimates are for everything to be in place by 2020. Don’t believe it.

5G development is moving much faster than that. Marvin K Mooney will soon be able to scoot before you can even finish your sentence.

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