E-mail has been and still is proven to be an extremely effective way to drive engagement with consumers.

It’s one reason why honing your writing and marketing skill is highly recommended as a part of preparation for living the Dot Com lifestyle.

And as you’ll see on the list, it’s not just your text that counts, it’s your layout.

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Here are five things to ask yourself in order to create an e-mail campaign that will drive maximum engagement.

1. Is it Easy on the Eyes?

Make sure that you have only the text you need, that it’s spaced out, and that your content is highlighted.

Only advanced marketers should consider including pictures. They definitely help break the monotony of reading and help with cognition, but they come with a considerable downside if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Frankly, the ideal e-mail message contains only six lines. It doesn’t take much of a time investment from the recipient and encourages a quick decision to pursue the matter in your sales funnel. And that means you don’t stop at the e-mail message itself. Create a mobile version, and don’t forget about creating or linking to a landing page where you can add further detail to your message.

2. Is Your Subject Line Compelling?

Obviously, the goal of your subject line is to draw in the consumer. Use powerful words and sentences that inspire action. These types of words and phrases include:

  • proven … but be ready to link to how; your credibility is at stake.
  • exclusivean appeal to scarcity that can spur the recipient into taking action.
  • limited number … another appeal to scarcity. Cred hint: limit your campaign, too.
  • two more days … yet another appeal to scarcity. Cred hint: mean it.
  • for our platinum segment … an enticement for membership levels.
  • advanced tips … infers your position as an authority on the subject

Remember to test your subject line — first with your team, then conduct an A/B test before launching to the entire list.

3. Will it Find the Inbox?

Marketers should monitor deliverability to ensure that the message is getting through to their consumers.

flagged mailbox

Start by checking the spam score, include multi-part messaging, avoid spam traps, and spam words, and keep checking your bounces.

Make sure that you are honoring the subscribe and un-subscribe process. It’s also important to ensure that the reputation of your IP address is aboveboard.

4. Are You Looking at Your Numbers?

Make it a habit to check the results of a campaign before scheduling the next campaign.

Opens, clicks, and conversions can be improved by analyzing other factors:

  • Monitor the time between an e-mail being sent and the e-mail being opened.
  • Look at the quality and length of your subject lines.
  • Predict your results and then evaluate the difference to improve.

5. Does Your Consumer Trust You?

Every message you send and every open — and click — is a way for you to enhance your value proposition.

Continue to analyze your branding, the consumer’s attention span, and your ability to convert the consumer to a customer. Your biggest success will be driven by focusing on getting the consumer to trust you — they need to learn to depend on you for important and relevant messaging.

shaking hands

There are two relevant, polar opposite sayings in play here:

  • Close enough for government work, and
  • If you’re going to do it, do it right.

You’ve probably noticed that, directly speaking, you’re not the government. So that leaves you to abide by the latter saying if you prefer your e-commerce venture to be a successful business as opposed to a hobbyist’s money pit.

Thus, it would be wise to put some advance research into a few e-mail marketing guides rather than blowing money on trial-and-error.

Financial independence and the return of time to yourself are Dot Com lifestyle rewards that make the effort of doing e-mail right well worthwhile.

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