Before going any further, let’s reiterate the Dot Com lifestyle philosophy:

Money is merely the means to an end.
The goal is living life on your terms.

Cash can come and go. Time can’t. That’s why it’s the focus of our wealth, and the sooner we align our lives to make the most of it, the wealthier we’ll have a chance to be.

Benjamin Franklin quote about wealth

The starting point for achieving the Dot Com lifestyle is to keep your wants at their current level.

Then, understand that part of your overall commitment is to hone your mindset:

  • Be curious. It’s the one thing Faber College got right in Animal House. knowledge is good
  • Don’t kid yourself. Solid plans don’t involve miracles. Stay grounded.
  • Health is an investment. You can’t fully enjoy the end goal if you’re not fit enough.
  • Be accountable daily. Again, time is more than money. Don’t waste it.
  • Be results-oriented. Set up a system where you can measure progress daily.

The underlying theme to all this is taking positive action.

You need to set your own perspective and expectations in this regard. Be realistic about your starting point and the current state of your abilities. This will help you avoid — or at least mitigate — the inevitable frustration when embarking on a new endeavor.

Make your first level of objectives — such as time dedicated daily — something you know you can achieve. Build your confidence from there. If you’re true to yourself, it will happen.

Finally, it’s important to note that none of this process involves any special skills or level of education. There are no magic steps or secret techniques. Success is attainable for anyone who can make a commitment to themselves and keep it.

Some traits in life are acquired, like the five listed above. Master them, and the odds are strong you’ll be wealthier along your way in achieving the Dot Com lifestyle.

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