Success in e-commerce has its rewards, and accumulating unique experiences is one of them.

Since your working environment is cyberspace, you’re free to explore the world, setting up shop wherever connectivity is available. And in the 21st century, that’s just about everywhere.


Whether you’re already enjoying the Dot Com lifestyle and accustomed to luxury travel or you’re a motivated marketer seeking to enhance your inspiration to get there, bookmark this page. Here are 40 of the most exotic hotels on the planet that serve as further proof of what a joy it is to be financially independent and capable of accepting what that life has to offer!

For details about each location, click on its photo. Star Wars fans will discover that one of these resorts served as a set for many of the series’ most famous scenes. You’ll also note one of my favorites: the Ice Hotel in Sweden’s far north. I highly recommend you opt to get there from the Kiruna airport via dogsled. You can ride snowmobiles once you arrive. And the Northern Lights alone will make for a breathtaking trip!

There are 39 other adventures on this list. Select a few that pique your interest and make a plan!

Conrad Hotel – Maldives

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