One of the most satisfying aspects of being an entrepreneur is the basic premise of making someone’s life better in one of three areas:

  • You’re meeting a need;
  • You’re solving a problem; and/or
  • You’re saving time.

Clearly, you’ve accommodated them by offering a product or service that you’ve researched and personally know to be effective. However, those are only the vessels of what you’re really selling:


This is where your opportunity to provide value in e-commerce beckons.

If you’ve sworn an oath to the Yoda Code — and I highly recommend you do — here are four avenues of action you must take to ensure the value you’re providing to your customer enhances the results you’ve sold:

1. Build Relationships

The key to success in business is in earning trust. You do that by becoming an authority within your niche; when someone is looking for advice or answers, they find you.

It’s your knowledge and sincerity that closed the sale, and those are the traits that will cultivate repeat business. Done right, this is where you’ll realize 75% of your revenues.

2. Be an Inspirational Leader

Stay on top of your niche’s developments and updates. Do the research to discover how they can be useful to your current and future customers, whether or not your products or services are involved.

You want to be the go-to source whenever a cutting edge appears.

If you see a logical reason to incorporate new ideas into your portfolio and then personally confirm their benefits, your endorsement will echo throughout your niche, increasing your reach and enabling you to provide additional value to more people.

Leading by both involvement and example offers direct proof that you’re deeply engaged, and if you’re successful in so doing, then others can and will be, too.

3. Create Content

That’s right. It’s not just the search engines that place a premium on your website and/or blog displaying new information on a regular basis.

To generate authority, trust, sales, and repeat business, you must show you’re engaged on a regular basis.

Again, you don’t need to be a Shakespeare or Hemingway; smart software is available out there that can convert your words into a professional presentation.

By showing your customers and prospects that you take the time to keep them updated, you’re also showing you’re a unique individual with your own voice. And that makes you more approachable.

4. Challenge Their Boundaries

You’re doing a favor by encouraging people to take action.

Sometimes, that means tossing a bucket of reality into the marketing mix. Don’t have second thoughts about holding people responsible for their own growth. By getting people out of their comfort zone in a logical manner, you’ll be putting them in position to view their issue from another perspective.

At that point, it’s up to you to show why that perspective is the one that’s best for them.

There’s no need for arrogance or condescension. Simply identify with their situation, lay out the scenario you’re suggesting, and describe the elements or process required to give them the results they seek.

The key to these approaches providing value is their focus on your customer.

Learn how to master that philosophy, and you’ll also realize the value of your efforts will be in your own success in achieving the Dot Com lifestyle.

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