Did you know that it’s not just the foods you eat, but actually the way you eat them that matters when it comes to maximum fat burning?

For example, if you’re eating pre-sliced strawberries, the fat-burning vitamin content of these sweet treats can be compromised due to prolonged exposure to oxygen.

Instead, when eating strawberries, it’s best to eat them whole — and who doesn’t love biting into a juicy strawberry? — or at least wait until you’re ready to eat them to slice and dice them up.

eating whole strawberries

One thing you don’t want to do is slice them, store them, and consume them over time, as this will surely reduce the fat-burning power of the great strawberry.

And how about Greek yogurt?

When you peel back the lid, you’re probably used to seeing some ‘water’ that has settled on the top. Most people dump this down the sink, but this ‘water’ is actually whey protein that’s packed with important amino acids, vitamins, and calcium.

eating Greek yogurt

Don’t get rid of it! Instead, mix the watery whey back into the yogurt to avoid missing out on Greek yogurt’s fat-burning punch!

Here’s another tip:

You may have heard that most fruits and veggies are better consumed raw instead of cooked, as cooking can reduce their vitamin and mineral content.

While this is true in many cases, it’s the exact opposite with tomatoes. You see, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a phytonutrient with many positive health benefits. Unlike other veggies, cooking actually increases concentrations of lycopene in tomatoes.

With that in mind, enjoy tomato sauce, roasted tomatoes, and other cooked dishes with tomatoes more often!

eating tomatoes

And while we’re at it, here’s even better news when it comes to burning maximum flab, particularly around your waistline:

Believe it or not, there’s a new way to burn belly fat that’s been shown in more than a dozen research studies to help you burn fat and slim your waist at an accelerated rate.

In fact, one breakthrough study showed that those who performed this belly-burning trick just twice daily burned 400% more fat than those who didn’t.

Another study published in the Journal of International Medical Research showed that those using this powerful flab-burning trick lost 20% of their body fat in just 12 weeks.

And get this: the trick takes less than a minute to perform!

Would you like to burn 400% more fat by using this quick, belly-busting trick just twice daily? We show you exactly how to do it. Just click here to take a look!

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