The more we learn about the universe around us, the sheer magnitude of everything makes it almost incomprehensible to grasp where we, as individuals, figure into the proceedings.

More importantly, what can we do about our lot in life?

Sometimes it’s easier to appreciate our position on this planet if we can see things from a fresh perspective.

Here are 25 facts about the world if it was scaled down to only 100 people.

25. 7 would have a college degree

24. 22 would own a computer

23. 26 would be kids

22. 13 of those kids would live in poverty

21. 8 of the 74 adults would be 65 years or older

20. There would be an equal number of males and females

19. There would be 60 Asians, 15 Africans, 14 people from the Americas, and 11 Europeans

18. 17 wouldn’t be able to read or write

17. 23 wouldn’t have any shelter

16. 1 would be dying of starvation

15. 15 would be undernourished

14. 21 would be overweight

13. 13 wouldn’t have access to clean water

12. 51 would live in cities

11. 22 wouldn’t have electricity

10. Of the 76 that do have electricity, most would only use it for light at night

9. 16 wouldn’t have toilets

8. 75 would be cell phone users

7. 30 would be active internet users

6. 48 would live on less than $2 per day

5. 7 would own an automobile

4. 30 of the 70 workers would be employed in agriculture

3. 5 would own 32% of the wealth

2. The poorest 33 would only receive 3% of the income

1. By the end of the year, 1 would die and 2 would be born

So, where do we fit in the world?

Thanks to the opportunities provided in pursuit and realization of the Dot Com lifestyle, it’s up to us more than it has ever been before.

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