Believe it or not, sitting is one of the most dangerous things you do.

This is one of the reasons we have a Health section in Better Life Focus.

But here’s the good news: while the Dot Com lifestyle involves desk work, it also affords much more time for other things than being chained to a cubicle does.

And often, that ‘desk work’ can be done on the beach, at the 19th hole, or in transit to an exotic getaway. That’s rarely the case in a 9-to-5.

But still, extended spells on one’s posterior are reasons enough for understanding the need to fashion and follow a consistent fitness plan.

These are 25 alarming reasons why your office job is a creeping killer if you don’t take action:

25. If you have a normal desk job, you spend approximately 9.3 hours per day sitting.

Sitting graphic

24. Unfortunately, sitting for six or more hours per day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than three. Even if you exercise …

23. So right up front, here’s the takeaway: if you spend most of your day sitting, then exercising and even eating healthy will do very little to keep you from being overweight or dying young. Why? Well, here’s what we know…

22. As soon as you sit down, your body basically goes into meltdown. Electrical activity in your leg muscles shuts down completely.

21. Calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute.

20. Enzymes that help break down fat drop by almost 90%.

19. After two more hours of sitting, your good cholesterol drops by 20%.

18. And after 24 hours, your insulin effectiveness drops by 24%, which means your risk of diabetes increases sharply.

17. To drive this point home, between 1980 and 2000, exercise rates in the general population stayed the same — and possibly even increased — while the number of hours sitting increased by 8%. Obesity, on the other hand, has doubled.

16. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for most of the day increases your risk of heart attack just as much as smoking.

15. In fact, many of the most common killers and illnesses in the West — diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even depression — are strongly linked to what researchers have dubbed sitting disease.

14. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, those who sit have a much higher mortality rate, not just from heart disease but from cancer, as well.

13. Exercising all day may not be enough to offset the sitting.

12. Many people may not be able to help sitting at the office, but it’s the extra sitting time elsewhere that’s literally killing them.

11. One solution is to get off the couch as much as possible.

10. Those who sit three hours or more per day watching TV are 64% more likely to die from heart disease.

9. Interestingly, of the people who sit in front of the TV for three hours per day, those who exercise are just as obese as those who don’t.

8. Each extra hour of TV correlates to an 11% higher risk of death.

7. The human body just wasn’t built to sit for long periods of time.

6. A hundred years ago, when we were all out toiling in field and working in factories, obesity was nearly non-existent.

5. Studies are now showing that in order to remain healthy, you must minimize sitting time while still exercising and eating healthy. If you miss any one of those, the other two will not make up for it.

4. In a recent inactivity study, researchers fed subjects the same amount of calories and forbade them from exercising during the study. Surprisingly, not everyone gained weight.

3. After wiring the subjects’ bodies to see what was happening, they realized that although no one was doing ‘traditional’ exercise, the leaner subjects moved much more during the day.

2. They would take the stairs instead of the elevator, pace around, and even while sitting, they would fidget. Basically, their lifestyle was active.

1. So, in conclusion, even if you find yourself having to sit all day at work, get a standing desk, pace around, fidget, and reduce your sitting time. And don’t forget to exercise and eat healthily, too.

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