Every year, battery life gets better. Which means that every year, we take them for granted even more.

And the result is we still find ourselves in situations away from home and/or vehicle with a power-deficient smartphone.

Part of the problem, of course, is that we’ve got enough to cart around in our daily lives without having more personal space invaded by yet another device that may or may not be needed.

Well, an outfit from Norway came up with an ingenious solution:

Build the charger into an essential personal item!

Enter Seyvr:

At only about a half-inch thick, Seyvr can still charge Android devices up to 50% and Apple devices up to 70%. What’s more, it won’t create any issues with the magnetic strips on your credit card, and excess heat is so minimized that it won’t toastify your posterior.

The wallet-charger is strong enough that back-pocket storage won’t create damage, even if you’re sitting on it all day. When the time comes to top it up, simply plug it into your computer; no need to guard your valuables near an electric socket.

But, let’s say you like the size but aren’t keen on flashing your wallet when a charge is needed. Here’s an alternative: the Go Design Travel Card.

There’s quite a variance in charge efficiency:

  • the lightening (iPhone) loads to 40%-50%, while
  • the microUSB (Android) loads to 10%-15%.

Just keep in mind these devices are designed to give your phone a boost at crucial times. And when they occur, you’ll be reassured that you’ve got enough power in your pocket safely stored with your other valuables.

Right where you won’t forget it.

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