There’s more to enjoy here than just the photos.

Enjoy the fact that they represent the real currency that matters in life: Time.

This gallery is what the Dot Com lifestyle can be. It’s the financial independence to have the time to do the little things that make every day different from the rest. Not to mention the ability to do the big things that get you there, like that ticket to ride in the front of the plane!

Most of all, the Dot Com lifestyle is about taking action, the sort of action that puts you in position to enjoy the action that time can afford you when you’re financially independent!

So peruse away, and know that the Dot Com lifestyle can be yours, too, perhaps sharing your Instagram photos on a list like this someday:

1. Jonathan Nafarrete, @jonathan360


Jonathan’s Instagram captures the energy of LA perfectly. The sun, the surf, the food. He uses his account to document the small everyday things that make the city so special.

2. Rick Poon, @rick_poon


Rick Poon is a professional photographer who uses his Instagram to document where he goes and what he eats. It’s a great account to follow if you’re interested in learning more about the food culture in LA. Poon geotags every photo, so he makes it easy to keep track of yummy dishes around the city and elsewhere in the world.

3. Ed Droste, @edroste


Ed Droste’s nighttime gig is being the lead singer in Grizzly Bear — pretty cool, huh? This means that his Instagram is filled with lots of goodies as he travels the world. But when he’s home in LA, his photos are particularly beautiful.

4. Matt Allard, @lifeserial


Matt may be an author and creative copywriter, but his Instagram is so good it seems like it may be time to change mediums.

5. Jeremiah Gallagher, @jeremiahgallagher


Jeremiah takes all of his photos on his iPhone, which just proves how far smartphone cameras have come. Unreal.

6. Amy Merrick, @amy_merrick


Florist Amy Merrick recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles, which will probably make her photos more captivating as the warm weather seeps in. The only thing more beautiful than her ethereal photos are her stunning bouquets.

7. Slater Trout, @slatertrout


You may already know this dude because he’s dating Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland. However, Slater has a lot going on in his own world. The 6’ 3” blond is a competitive paddle boarder and moves between LA and Hawaii.

8. Nicole Elise, @nicoleelise03


Words aren’t really needed to describe Nicole’s lush, minimalist work … it kind of speaks for itself. And it’s awesome.

9. Sarah Sherman Samuel, @sarahshermansamuel


Sarah is a designer, stylist, and photographer, so her Instagram is a mix of photo shoots, her travels in California, food, and things she has designed. It’s a true gem.

10. Natalie James, @njinla


Natalie James is a food and travel blogger. Her Instagram is straight-up dangerous if you’re hungry, but it’s so beautiful, it’s worth it.

11. Benjamin Heath, @benjaminheath


Benjamin Heath is a photographer based in LA but is often on the move. His portraits are beautiful, but it’s his landscapes that will get you truly hooked.

12. Bobby Solomon, @thefoxisblack


Bobby Solomon is the editor-in-chief of the creative inspiration blog The Fox Is Black and the founder of Los Angeles, I’m Yours, which is a design, lifestyle, and culture website. He sees art everywhere he goes.

13. Jonpaul Douglass, @jonpauldouglass


Jonpaul’s Instagram is great for three reasons. The first is that his photos of Los Angeles are amazing. The second is that he has an adorable pug named Stella, whom he features heavily. The third is that he’s currently working on a project called #pizzainthewild where he takes photos of pizza — surprise! — in the wild. It’s kooky, weird, and fantastic.

14. Kimberly Genevieve, @kimgenevieve


Kimberly is a photographer who merges “the California’s sun-kissed surfer aesthetic with chic urban fashion influences.” She says that she “pulls inspiration from bright colors, everyday life, and the sunset strip.”

15. Los Angeles County Museum of Art , @lacma


Love art but don’t live in LA? The LACMA is the perfect Instagram account to follow. They post photos of exhibits at the museum so you don’t have to miss out.

16. Lauren Randolph, @laurenlemon


Lauren’s Instagram features a perfect mix of portrait and landscape photography. Her images are so clear and beautiful you’ll start to feel that LA light surround you.

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