A fundamental premise of this site is that time is our most important currency.

We only have so much of it in our lives, and the older we get, the faster it seems to go. As well, we all have phases where we take it and everything it allows us for granted.

The Dot Com lifestyle is all about reclaiming time, and one of the luxuries earned is the ability to enjoy more of it.


However, no matter how far along we are in our quest, it’s still important to value both out time and surroundings.

Here are 15 simple tips to help you take back control of a life that was always meant to be yours.

1. Be thankful for everything

heart over sunset

Life is not an entitlement.

That mile-long list of things you may believe are absolute rights needs to be tossed. Instead, realize everything you have is a gift, and as such, it’s good manners to say thank you.

2. Own a rescued pet

adopt a pet

There’s something about saving the life of an innocent that brings happiness to anyone’s life.

And remember, you’re saving two lives: the one you adopted, and the one who takes its place.

Who knows? In a way, you may even be saving yours.

3. Manage your attire

dress for success

If you dress for success, you tend to be successful.

Take care of your appearance. Not only does it tell the world that you value yourself, but more importantly, you tell yourself that you value yourself.

4. Stay in touch with friends

group of friends

Don’t let the hustle of society blind you from what’s truly important.

At the end of the day, your work won’t take care of you when you’re sick or hurting. Your friends will. So make time for those who truly have your best interests at heart.

5. Don’t let others define you

kitten walking from explosion

Only you know who you are.

True, friends can sometimes point out our faults, which makes us stronger people. But not even friends define us. That’s down to each and every one of us.

So don’t let what anyone says bring you down. Self-awareness makes you stronger!

6. Spend time getting to know yourself

reflection in mirror

It’s easy to want to be someone else, but don’t let that happen.

Take a moment and look in the mirror. That’s you. No one else. You are you. And once you spend time getting to know how awesome you are, you won’t want to be anyone else.

7. Surround yourself with humor


Humor promotes spontaneity and creativity. Both are key ingredients in a successful life.

Keep things and people that make you laugh close to you on a consistent basis.

8. Choose to be happy

When you face circumstances, you make a choice as to how they affect you.

They’re not holding you hostage and/or forcing you to be sad, mad, or bitter. So, why indulge in them?

Sure, life can be edgy sometimes, but that’s even more reason why you should choose to be happy. Control what you can, and choose your moments with the rest.

9. Daydream

In your quieter moments, let your mind wander through the vast expanse of thought.

This is a time for creativity. Good things often begin with it.

10. Laugh at yourself

No one knows the material like you do!

You’ve heard it a thousand times, and it’s true. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

11. Know your limits


Don’t let your limits defeat you, but don’t be fooled into believing all limits are meant to be defeated.

Understand your parameters. Know which boundaries are meant for good and which are meant to be broken.

12. Read

Reading is to your mind as weights are to your muscles.

Read things you enjoy and don’t be afraid of the big, thick books. Here’s a goal for you: Every year, try to read one more book than you did the year before.

13. Play games


Why is it that when we grow up, fun things become childish?

Don’t let these silly labels hamper your enjoyment of something that makes you happy. Go ahead, grab that Super Soaker and have a blast with family and friends. Or, have a blast with total strangers if you must. Just have a blast!

14. Eschew negative thoughts


As I mentioned earlier, there are things you can control and things you can’t. But thinking negatively won’t have any effect on either.

Instead, accept things for what they are and move forward.

15. Don’t compare your life to others


You’re unique, and so is your life.

Don’t waste precious time by comparing yourself to someone you’re not. You’ve got enough to work with. Odds are, more than enough.

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